Mei Rapier Promotional

The best technology at the service of creativity
The MEI GS920 fashion loom: is an important new milestone in rapier weaving machines production.
It achieves the unmatched quality of rapier looms together with fantastic new productivity levels, for a new market solution. Scarves for merchandising, narrow fabrics for fashion for technical application: MEI rapier machine for special porpoise is the right answer to market demands for maximum productivity and superior quality with a wide range of new applications, like posters – scarves – fashion trimmings – pub table carpet

One of the outstanding features of the new rapier loom is that it gives the greatest number of possibilities to express more refined varieties of woven items. The new generation of rapiers are their lightweight and small-sized, yet very rugged and reliable.

The rapiers allow you to weave the most different and difficult yarns, with unique precision and reliability. The new MEI rapiers machine meets our costumers needs with a new technology that ensures consistency and precision, reduced waste and minimum maintenance.

Exceptional structural solidity to withstand even the heaviest works
A versatile, high performance machine, the MEI rapiers machine, ensures maximum quality and reliability even when weaving the most difficult and most beaten-up woven scarves in acrylic yarn with high density mode.