Laser Technology for Tajima Embroidery Machines

Laser cutting used to be reserved for haute couture designs. it’s become commonplace to see laser-cut silk and leather in ready-to-wear runway collections. Where the runway goes, affordable fashion typically follows: You can now find laser-cut clothing sold by fast fashion retailers

Laser cutting is a method of manufacturing that uses a laser to cut materials. All of the advantages – extreme accuracy, clean cuts and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying – make this method of design very popular in the fashion industry. Another benefit is that one method can be used to cut many different materials, like silk, nylon, leather, neoprene, polyester and cotton. Also, the cuts are made without any pressure on the fabric, meaning no part of the cutting process requires anything other than the laser to touch a garment. There are no unintended marks left on the fabric, which is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics like silk and lace.

Laser cutting offers the kind of precision that you would get if a design were done by hand, but at a much faster pace, making it more practical and also allowing for lower price points.

This is where things get technical. The CO2 laser is the method of choice when it comes to cutting wearable fabrics.
To accomplish the precise cut, a laser travels through a tube-like device while being reflected by several mirrors. The beam eventually reaches a focal lens, which targets the laser to a single spot on the chosen material for cutting. Adjustments can be made to vary the amount of material that is cut by the laser.

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