Lectra is a leading provider of integrated solutions to the fashion and apparel and upholstered furniture industry, covering design, product development and automated cutting.



Mastering the fashion lifecycle from design to production is critical to leveraging creativity, streamlining time to market and controlling costs; elements necessary to building a better product and being competitive. Lectra’s fashion and apparel solutions help companies enhance their value chain and develop better collections with expertise based on best-practice methods and technologies.


PROFITABILITYIntense pressure to produce high quality at the lowest cost possible is driving automotive suppliers to look for new ways to preserve their margins and stay ahead of the competition. Lectra has developed advanced leather- and fabric-cutting solutions for vehicle seating and interiors, designed to enhance productivity and quality as well as expedite time to market. A major breakthrough in airbag manufacturing, Lectra’s FocusQuantum gives suppliers complete control over cutting quality while enabling the lowest possible cost per bag.


Fabric is one of the key drivers of product cost, so manufacturers are always looking for ways to optimize its use. An improvement of only 1% of fabric use can translate into considerable cost reductions. Lectra solutions generate fabric savings at every stage in the cutting process, guaranteeing optimized production costs.


Manufacturers of leather furniture face two main challenges: the rising cost of hides and the lack of skilled labor. They are looking for a cutting solution which makes the best use of each hide and which also frees skilled workers to perform tasks where they bring more value. Focused on quality and productivity, the comprehensive solutions designed by Lectra give maximum efficiency to the leather-cutting process.


Lectra offers technological solution and services tailored to the business needs of the fashion world.

Product development that fits

Lectra’s product development solution centers around 3D covering the entire product development process from pattern making to grading and virtual prototyping. Development teams create styles while ensuring quality and fit. In ad-dition to a host of expert-level pattern development tools for pattern drafting from blocks or slopers to all sizes grading, Lectra has taken product development one step further inte-grating 3D technologies. The ability to work with flat patterns and 3D simulations simultaneously enhances collaboration be-tween developers and designers as well as favoring early in-formed decision-making. By reducing the number of physical samples by as much as 70%, Lectra 3D technology also cuts down on costs and can shave weeks off time-to-market.

A Design To Cost Approch

Marrying design, development and pre- production is critical to understanding the cost of a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and respecting material cost targets. To minimize cost, main-tain product quality and reduce production lead times, early decision-making during collection conceptualization and devel-opment is key. With Lectra’s Design to Cost approach, com-bining design, product development and marker-making, fashion companies can analyze early on the cost options generated by pat-tern and textile design changes made to a product.,

A fully integrated cutting-room

Built on the fundamentals of can manufacturing and lean-ready, lectra’s smart cutting room revolves around world class cutting technology and smart services to automate, streamline and improve the speed and quality of both fabric and leather cutting.
Optimizing the cutting room is essential to mastering dead-lines, controlling costs and maintaining quality, all of which are critical for manufacturers and manufacturing partners.