Mei Laser Cut

The MEI LaserCut L500 machine provides flexibility, reliability, accuracy and quality, all at a very interesting price.

It is equipped with a 50100 or 200 Watt CO2 laser source with galvanometric laser beam movement system. This kind of laser beam movement system allows achieving very high working speed (up to 2000 mm/s) and, in consequence,high productivity. 

The MEI Laser productivity is very high partly because it has two winding motors independent controlling all the ribbon’s cutting speed and tension of the fabric, with two sensor control units. MEI LASER L500 allows the labels fabrics being cut/engraved directly very fast…

The two MEI Laser cutting independent winding motors, will allow you to save a lot of time and to increase the productivity of your labels workshop because they are designed to allow any type of labels machine hoop (regardless of model or maker) to be hooked onto each one so that the labels ribbons may be cut on it directly (without any lost of time!).

The innovative system has two main advantages: it is not necessary to interrupt the work of the labels machines as the cutting is done outside the production, even if with a off-loom cutting device, saving a lot of production time.

MAIN FEATURESAn easily transportable machine, equipped with a CO2 Laser source of 50 Watt (air-cooled) with galvanometric laser beam movement system.

The MEI Laser has one 250×250 mm cutting area. It has an external fume suction device may be also connected to any filtering system.

The machine is PC controlled by means of a interface card supplied with the software.

The machine is also equipped with a remote control that allows you to start up the cutting/engraving works may be start up by using the PC keyboard (or the mouse) or directly from the machine control panel.