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The Apparel Division constitutes:

  • The Cutting Section
  • The Stitching Section
  • The Finishing Section
  • Home Sewing Section
  • Leather Garments & Accessories

The Apparel Division is a crucial component of the nation’s export structure. Many local industries and auxiliary industries depend upon this sector for their livelihood.

Almurtaza, from inception, has always envisioned building this industry. Consistent company policies, featuring importing machinery and equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers have helped in the steady growth of this key division. Today, Almurtaza markets some of the most modern and technologically advanced apparel machineries in the country.

Apparel Machine Brands


C.R.A. is a manufacturer of Cloth Cutting and Cloth Spreading Machines with a wide range of products including Straight Knife Cutting, Round Knife Cutting, Band Knife Cutting and Automatic Cloth Spreading Machines. They manufacture the largest range of durable cutting solutions including the Eastman manually operated cutting machines, fully-automated CNC cutting systems, material handling solutions and CAD software.


Comprehensive range of basic & specialized stitching machines for woven, knitwear, leather garments, terry, home textiles and made ups e.g. -2 Needle Belt loop attaching machine can stitch up to 5 loops in 11 seconds. However, some operators have fully exploited the capability of this machine and have achieved the speed of 5 loops per 8 seconds. Another standard setter, APW-895 Automatic Welting machine has set an industrial standard of making welts on pockets @ over2300pieces per 8 hours.


All types of chain stitch machines for apparel & home textile industry FBX-1104 PL-S is the latest technology for attaching waistband on bottoms. It can apply chain stitch and lock stitch simultaneously. This flexibility allows the manufacturer to comply with customers requirements without changing the machine. It is actually two machines in one.



Product line consists of apparel finishing equipment’s like; industrial irons, vacuum tables, electric & gas boilers & trouser finisher.


Offers a most economical complete variety of specialized machines for garment finishing, fusing, industrial washing, sand blasting equipments and a wide range of attachments and folders.

Table & Stand

Sewing Machine Table Stand makes the process of sewing easier.