SmartMRT Unit Production Hanger System

SmartMRT is a unit production hanger system that acts as an all-efficient workflow manager by dramatically expanding your existing production capacity while cutting down throughput time, thus reducing your overhead costs and increasing your profits. With SmartMRT’s highly advanced computerised system that tracks and records every stage of production in real-time, your workflow is made simple, neat and effortless. The result: cheaper, better and faster production that is guaranteed to be an everlasting delight to you, your workers and your clients.

Consult with us and we will send you a proposed layout based on your floor plan. When making an enquiry, please state the following:

  1. Type of factory production
  2. Factory process
  3. Type and number of machines used
  4. Number of stations you are seeking
  5. Factory floor layout in DWG file format only (to be sent after receiving an email response from us