Product Mechanical Safety Testers

Attachment Strength Tests For All Accessories (e.g Snaps & Buttons..)

This tester Is the unique safety test instrument that provides a means to accurately measure how safe accessories are attached in a product. It is also used to compare a variety of accessories from different vendors in the process from product design to production so that we can safeguard our consumers.

It is a simple but effective design mainly consisting of a high precision , gauge, a sturdy stand and special grips/clamps. It requires very little training. A sample required by standards & regulations is to fix horizontally (constant force is applied to secure the sample) so that snap or other accessories attached in fabric can be clamped into.

Moreover, a standard weight is also offered so that it can be regularly checked if it meets the safety requirements.

Standards Reference

JAPAN Product Liability Law, ASTM F963, EN 71, M&S P115A (for snap)P115 (for button), ASTM D4846-96 and many others.

Test Interpretation

There are lots of different test interpretations. Take snaps as an example. All snaps are usually tested to withstand attachment strength of pounds (or 7.73 kg) for 10 seconds. If not, it is deemed to be mechanically unsafe unless it is not a small part 8. there is no sharp edge/point…


SafGuard’s Main Outstanding Features & Benefits:

Better Cost-Effective And Quality Design:

A Ergonomically Constructed
force meter holder can be retained upwards during sampling

B User-friendly
side-wheel operation

C Economically exchangeable with a plenty of different of grips/clamps.

D Longer Stand Spacious for more applications.

Better Test Reproducibility And Repeatability:

E Lower Fabric Clamp (STA-0042)

– Constant Clamping Force to minimize operation error.

– Vertical Clamping to minimize unnecessary test failure.

F Minimum Clamping Failure & Slippage chiefly because our Universal Grip
(STA-004i) can accurately secure snap and does not damage the fabric.

Better Recognition:

G Unlike others, Saquard has been adopted by all world’s leading textiletesting labs (e.g. BV,   CTL, lntertek, SGS 8. STR, TUV…) & the most influentiaretailers / renowned brands (e.g. GAP, H&M, LEVI’S, M&S, VF, Ralph Lauren..)

H SafGuard is Patented (No. 20052000053310)

Standard Package

lmada Force Gauge FB-30K

Display the reading of pulling force
with capacity up to 30 kg.

Upper Universal Grip

Test for female part of snap & male part of stud.

Lower Fabric Clamp, Level Arm Locking

Fix the sample with buttons firmly,
flatly & constantly so that fabric
slippage can be minimized.

Calibration Weight l5LB

Routine checking the acuracy of
the Imada Force Gauge.
(ISLB = 6.82kg)

Optional Accessories

Multifunction Vise Clamp

Fix the garment between the jaw
faces and will use with other upper
grip for testing other attachments
such as Patch, Side Tab, Zipper
Puller, etc.

Three Pronged Grip

Test for four-hole buttons & Jeans

Upper Long Nose Vise Grip

Mainly used for trouser hooks and
other smaller accessories.

Upper Stud Grip

Test for male part of baby snaps but
generally Upper Universal Snap Grip
can be also applied instead.

Lower Grasp Button Accessory Kit

Convert the original lower fabric
clamp for testing the grasp buttons
or larger buttons to 30 Iigne and it is
mainly used together with STA-0005.

Upper Grasp Button Grip

Designed to gripping the grasp
buttons or larger buttons, e.g. Jeans
or Plastic Buttons up to 30 Iigne.

Optional Accessories

Small Part Cylinder - Plastic

To test whether the garment
accessories are classified as “Small
Part” or not in accordance with
EN7l & ASTM F963.


To protect the eye of operator.